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Hymn Fest This Sunday

The Music and Worship Committee will host its first Hymn Fest of 2017 this Sunday, February 26 at 7:00 pm.  It was originally scheduled for February 12 but was postponed due to the snow storm. These sing-a-longs are informal affairs at which we sing hymns, especially the old ones and gospels.  Interesting snippets of background…

Some Sober Reflections

Annual Congregational Meetings (ACM) are important events in the life of any congregation.  They are times for taking stock of past performance and charting the way forward.  These are challenging times for churches.  Changing cultural values, expectations and priorities are influencing peoples’ commitment to church.  Culture is not only competing with church for peoples’ time,…

German Bible and Hymn Books

Are you interested in owning a German Bible?  A member of the congregation has some bibles and hymn books in the German language.  She wants to make them available to anyone who desires to have them.  If you are interested, or know someone who is, please contact Pastor Roy.

Celebrating 15 Years of Support

  Shown here is the writing of the cheque to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank for the 2016 Sharecropper project of Bethesda Congregation.  Arthur Schickedanz of Galten Farms, Unionville on the left, Lorne Smith, Project Co-ordinator and Glenn Schaeffer, Chairman of the Church Council are preparing a cheque for $35,515.74 that has been sent to CFGB….

Finding God In The Most Unlikely Places

By now Christmas may have already faded from our conversations and has been relegated to the archives of our minds.  However, its message of the Incarnation and its meanings for our lives continue to accompany us every day of the year.  The Incarnation reminds us that the greatest and most valuable things in life can…