Our Choir Is Back

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It was Shakespeare who penned the words, “If music be the food of love then play on”. These words merely express what human beings have known from the dawn of creation. Music, even in its most primitive forms and expressions, is the language of the soul. It is like balm to the sore as well soaring spirit. Through music the human spirit transcend the ordinary and is transported into realms of extraordinary. Music finds resonance in every human heart. It pervades every aspect of human life; religion not being the least.

Every religion worships in a way that gives large place to music in songs, hymns, chants and using instruments. In Christianity music is used to sing the praises of God, lift up prayers to the Divine, and express the worshipers’ joy in the presence of their Maker. In the Reformation Martin Luther gave music and singing a more prominent place in worship than it had before. He himself wrote many hymns. At the ecumenical college where I was trained for the ministry the other students referred to the Lutheran church as the singing church. And we do love to sing. So it was with a sense of gratification and joy that we listened to our choir sing, after a very long time.

For a very long time we were without a choir director. After many years of searching we were blessed with having the services of one. After some weeks of practice the choir performed its first piece at worship on June 5th.  We wish to thank Mr. Thomas Nowaskey for his generosity in supporting the choir the way he is.  Also, we wish to thank the members of the choir who persevered in meeting and practicing even when there was no choir director for so many years. We can only go onward and upward from now in regards to our music ministry. We invite other members with a desire to sing to join the choir.


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