2013 Sharecropper Project Report

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Bethesda can be proud of its support of the 2013 Sharecropper Project.  A total of $41,642 has been sent to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank headquarters in Winnipeg!  Many thanks to Arthur Schickedanz (Galten Farms), St. John’s United Church in Oakville, Faithlife Financial, the private donor and all members who contributed.  This $41,642 translates into over $200,000 of aid when matched with funding from CIDA.  An amazing achievement for our small congregation.

In 2013, the Canadian Foodgrains Bank celebrated 30 years of “working to end global hunger“.  During 2013 $30,465,810 was approved for food assistance programs in 25 countries, $11,259,000 was approved for agriculture and livelihood programs in 30 countries, and $1,418,000 for nutrition programs in seven countries.

Our donation goes into the account of Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR) who received a total donation of $644,625 for their programs.

Bethesda is one of the 13 York Region growing projects, one of the 113 in Ontario and one of the 216 growing projects across Canada.

Bethesda is also recognized for the contributions to CLWR of over 122 “We Care Kits”, $500 to “Gifts of the Heart”, over 9 quilts, and over 55 sweaters for Syria refugees.

Thanks to the members for their 2013 contributions toward helping others in need.

Lorne Smith – Treasurer

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