2015 Annual Congregational Meeting

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The 2015 Annual Congregational Meeting (ACM) will be held on Sunday, February 28th.  There will be an abbreviated service after which the first part of the meeting will be convened.  The meeting will be adjourned at noon for lunch.  Lunch will be a pot luck affair in the hall.  After lunch the meeting will reconvene in the hall.

All committee Chairpersons are requested to submit their committee’s report  by February 7.  This will allow the office secretary to compile the bulletin of reports and have them ready for circulation two weeks before the ACM.  In this way people will have more than ample time to read and study the reports.  This in turn will allow those presenting reports to just highlight the important points and not have to read them in detail at the meeting.

There will be elections to replace three councillors who have completed their terms.  Serving on Council is an important responsibility.  So we say a great big “thank you” to those Councillors who have completed their terms of service: Wilhelm von Seefried, Marike Kukla, and Barbara Bound.  If you are asked to serve on Council please prayerfully consider this call to service.

Annual Congregational Meetings are important events in the life of any congregation.  While the past is reflected on in the reports, the plans for the future are more important.  So as we prayerfully prepare of the ACM let us eagerly look forward to another active, engaged and fruitful year of service in God’s Mission.