2016 Sharecropper Project

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Bethesda’s Sharecropper Project is part of a much larger Canadian fundraising initiative to help others. During the previous year that ended March 31, 2016:

  • There were 268 Growing Projects and auctions across Canada, that raised $6,647,605, with 126 here in Ontario
  • In total, $11,250,057 was donated directly to the Foodgrains Bank, with an additional $2,764,635 donated to our owner/members* for the Foodgrains Bank
  • 1162 events were organized, with 2000 people taking some form of direct action, reaching some 128,582 Canadians
  • 28 people participated in Learning tours
  • 6 people from the developing world were brought to Canada as People-to-people visitors
  • Over one million people were helped, in 40 countries, through 125 projects carried out by our members*

*13 Denominational church organizations—Canadian Lutheran World Relief is one of these.