2017 Sharecropper Project Update

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Once again we have had a successful growing project with Galten Farms. Located at Warden Avenue and Stouffville Road the 50 acre soft red winter wheat crop was harvested at the end of July and generated 152.74 tonnes or 112 bushels per acre. Great crop considering the spring and summer growing seasons we had.

At our Sharecropper Dinner on November 12, Arthur Schickedanz presented our project with a cheque for $9,800.82 as the profit after expenses on the project. The total donations to date from members of the congregation are almost $5,000 from our two main fundraising events: the Corn Roast and Campfire, and the Sharecropper Dinner.

We can add to this the $9,000 contribution from St. John’s United Church in Oakville and an anonymous gift of $10,000 in support of our project. Members are encouraged to add to this total by putting donations on the collection plate labeled as Sharecropper Project with any cheques made out to Bethesda Lutheran Church. Remember the Government of Canada matches your donation 4:1.

This is the sixteenth year Bethesda has supported the Canadian Foodgrains Bank through our Sharecropper program. Including what has been raised so far for this year’s project we will have raised over $400,000 in total. With the matching Government of Canada funding this represents over $2,000,000 of aid to those in need around the world, all as a result of our Sharecropper program. This is an amazing achievement for the Bethesda congregation. Thank you members and friends of the congregation.

Bethesda Lutheran Church and friends are proud supporters of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank as one of our outreach projects to help others in need.