A Christmas Message

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A Christmas Message

Dear Friends,

It is with great joy, inspired by the spirit and meaning of Christmas, that Alice and I extend to you and your family greetings for a blessed , peaceful and joyous Christmas. The spirit of Christmas is undoubtedly one of joy, goodwill, peace, hope and generosity. It is palpably evident everywhere that Christmas does have a powerful and positive effects on people. The spirit of Christmas and its effects are not generated merely by the crass commercialism, social events and traditions that have come to be associated with the season. It goes much deeper. It is in the true meaning of Christmas which is wrapped in Jesus Christ whose birth we celebrate at this time.

The meaning of Christmas is God identifies Himself with the human race by becoming a human being. In the Incarnation God garbs Himself in human flesh in the person of Jesus Christ, and takes up abode among human beings. This is the good news we celebrate at Christmas time. All other activities celebrating Christmas is just fluff and froth. The meaning of Christmas is God is with us. It is reassuring to know God is present, and identifies with human beings in all their circumstances of life; joys and sorrows, struggles and successes , fear and hopes. Christmas means God stands on the side of human beings. Living with this reassurance gives hope, courage, strength and power to face life daily with all its ups and downs.

As you celebrate Christmas please keep in mind its real meaning and the power of its meaning for your life—everyday and in every circumstances.

Rejoice for unto you is born a Saviour who is Christ the Lord. Celebrate for God is with us. And have a joyous Blessed and Peaceful Christmas and a happy and healthful New Year.

God’s peace be with you.

Alice and Pastor Roy Thakurdyal. 2013