Bethesda Opens Its Doors To Another Church

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Stewardship is one of the cardinal principles of the Christian faith.  Good stewardship is exercising responsible management of the things with which God blesses us.  God blessed Bethesda with a beautiful church building.  The congregation strives to exercise good stewardship over its property by maintaining it well and making optimal use of it.  At present the church building is used by the Brownies, Sparks, AA and St. Paul Chinese Lutheran Church.  Now, Bethesda will soon open its doors to another group to use its building.

The Markham Christian Worship Centre (MCWC) approached Bethesda about the possibility of being accommodated in its building on a temporary basis from May to December.  The MCWC worships at Hagerman Mennonite Church located at Kennedy and Fourteenth Ave.  That church building will be undergoing renovations.  Hence the need of the MCWC to find a temporary worship space.  Council discussed the request from the MCWC and addressed concerns that such an arrangement might throw up.  Members of Council met with Board members of MCWC and discussed the request to be accommodated at Bethesda.  Implications, concerns, arrangements and other pertinent matters were discussed and agreed on by the two groups.

The MCWC will start using Bethesda as their worship space commencing May 1st through December 31.  The MCWC is a Tamil-speaking Pentecostal church.  This means that out of Bethesda, worship will be offered up to God in three languages:  English, Mandarin, and Tamil.

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