Bethesda Virtual BBQ

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This coming Sunday, June 14 would have been our Annual Spring BBQ. Even though we cannot gather in the church parking lot this year we can gather virtually. So, we are planning to still have the BBQ this Sunday. We shall meet on Zoom. Pat Neuman has graciously offered to host the virtual BBQ on her Zoom account. We shall gather at 11.30 am.

This is how it will happen. Everyone who wants to join in the virtual BBQ please send Pat your email address or give her the go ahead to use your email address as per the church’s telephone directory. You can find Pat’s phone number and email address in the church directory. Alternatively you can contact us to let us know you would like to participate in the virtual BBQ.

Pat will organize this from her end. She will admit people on to
the site at the right time.

Everyone is invited to
prepare their own BBQ .  

 You will need to download Zoom app on to your laptop or desktop, ipad etc., in order to join the virtual BBQ.  In order to download just go to Zoom.US and download the app.   People may join by phone if they choose.   The telephone numbers are 1+647-374-4685;  1+647-558-0588.  

Let us connect with each
other and have some fun, pandemic or not.