Beyond Easter Day

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The Resurrection of Our Lord is not merely an historical event that we remember and celebrate on Easter Day.  It goes beyond the commemorative day to embrace the whole of life every day.  One who comes into an experience of the Risen Christ through faith finds his/her life radically transformed by the power of the resurrection.  Like the first Disciples of Christ, anyone who experiences the living Christ finds himself or herself on a new trajectory of life.  This is because of the meaning of our Lord’s Resurrection.

The Resurrection brings new meaning to life, because of what Christ’s sacrificial death on the cross achieves for us.  By Christ’s glorious Resurrection, God opens the door to forgiveness and reconciled relationship between humankind and God.  This means that humankind do not have to live any longer separated from God, estranged from each other and alienated from self.  God restores all these relationships through Christ’s atoning death.  The way to healing and wholeness through reconciliation is now open and God beckons us to walk in it and find new life.

The resurrection also sheds new light on death.  The empty tomb and the living Christ is God’s emphatic “No!” to death.  Death, which once held such dreadful sway and awful power over God’s creation, is defeated.  Yes, we shall all die someday.  However, our life is not controlled by the power and fear of death.  The certain hope of the resurrection is that because Christ rose from the grave, the first fruit of the resurrection, we too shall rise on that Day.  Therefore death and the grave have no sting or victory for Easter people.  For beyond these portals lies the resurrection and God’s gift of eternal life.  This is God’s sure promise.

Indeed the resurrection of our Lord is more that a celebration for a day or a season.  It is a celebration of life now and beyond the grave.  The resurrection is this celebration of life today and every day.  God makes this possible in and through the life, death and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Happy and Blessed Easter to everyone.

Pastor Roy

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