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During Pastor Roy’s remarks at our Annual Congregational Service and Meeting he mentioned developing a vision for this congregation. In the history of this particular congregation it is unlikely the demographics of our community have changed as rapidly as in the past 10 years. Couple that with every-day pressures of work and family, technological changes, our freedom to travel and enjoy this great earth, our need to look at our future in serving our inward and outward community has been greatly impacted.

We have many great people of all ages who make up this congregation and the Committees that form the core of our Ministries at Bethesda. If you are reading this and are not part of regular Worship or one of these Committees we need YOU. We need your presence among us to strengthen us, we need your input, your opinion and your support to form a vision for the future. We owe it to our children, grandchildren and beyond to have a presence in the broader community so there is a place to come, share the Lutheran faith and the Good News of our Risen Lord.

I encourage you to participate, make your thoughts known to Pastor Roy especially if you have confidential matters to discuss or to any member of Council. Our vision and structure for the future depends on everyone currently involved, those who are not so active and those we haven’t met yet.

I am very grateful and excited to have been elected Chairman.

Yours in Christ

Glenn Schaeffer

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