Christmas Family Social

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Bethesda’s Annual Christmas Family Social will be on this coming Sunday, December 10 at 5:30 pm.  The event is one of the highlights of our times together as a church family.  It is also one of the many ways we celebrate Christmas at Bethesda.  The evening begins in the hall with a Potluck meal and ends in the sanctuary with other activities.

After dinner everyone is invited to go upstairs into the sanctuary.  There we traditionally do three activities.  One activity is decorating the Christmas tree.  The tree is decorated with chrismons.  These are symbols of the Christian faith.  As the symbols are placed on the tree the meaning of the symbol is read out.  During the decorating of the tree, all join in singing Christmas carols.  The evening concludes with the children receiving gifts.  The gifts are Christmas tree decorations which carry the message of the Nativity of Christ.  Over the years the children would have built up a personal collection of these decorations.  The idea behind giving these particular kinds of gifts is to give our children good childhood memories of Christmas in the church.  Giving our children good experiences and good memories of the church are an important philosophy in our ministry.

All of our members are invited and encouraged to come out and let us have an enjoyable time together as we celebrate Christmas as a church family.