Did You Know #7

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It is hard to conceive that our congregation has been serving the Unionville/Markham community for 225 years. It was exactly this time of year, “just before Christmas we got under way to our land”, that the founding fathers of our congregation moved onto their new lands in Markham Township. It was not easy but our founders persevered and moved forward with changes over the years. It took 25 years to get their first log cabin church. In another 30 years in 1850 they welcomed an English speaking pastor. They build a new brick church to service the community and expanded the surrounding cemetery in 1862. It took foresight to move the church in the growing town community in 1910. By 1960 the congregation took the risk of becoming a stand alone congregation. Again in 1990 the congregation took action to improve and expand our sanctuary and basement. More recently we welcomed St. Paul Lutheran Church to worship with us and installed a projection system to make our worship services easier to participate in by all.

The people of Bethesda have welcomed change for over 225 years. May our leadership and congregation recognize that change is part of our DNA and embrace the changes that will be necessary to maintain Bethesda as a vibrant, welcoming spiritual community in the years to come.