Good News Of Great Joy

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“Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy…” Luke 2:10

With these words the heavenly messenger proclaims the message and meaning of Christmas. The message of Christmas is that the promised Saviour is born. God’s gift of love to the world is the Christ wrapped in the veil of human flesh. What an astoundingly amazing event; God, taking on human form in the Incarnation. In the Christ God comes as Saviour.

The Christmas event gives new meaning to human life. God is with us as our Saviour. God dares to identify with, risks himself, makes himself vulnerable to show love and offer salvation for the whole creation. For many, this presents a stumbling block to faith. In the eyes of many it is too good to be true. And still for others it is not in the realms of reasonableness and possibility. It is not so for countless numbers of people.

The shepherds on the hill, who first heard the Christmas message, went to see if it were as the angels had said. They came back rejoicing. This same joy filled the hearts of Mary, Joseph, the Magi, the prophetess Anne, Elizabeth, and the old Simeon. This same joy fills our hearts today every time we hear the Christmas story. This joy is ours always as we receive the Christ into our lives; in the preached word, in the breaking of bread and drinking of wine, and in our neighbours.

On that first Christmas night when the Christ was born the good news was heard on a cold hill outside Bethlehem. The rapturous chorus of the heavenly choir singing “Glory to God” filled the night with joy. Darkness was dispelled by light and joy replaced fear. Even now, wherever the Christmas message is heard and its meaning takes hold of hearts, darkness and fear are replaced by light and joy. Indeed, the world has received good tidings of great joy in the coming of the Christ at Christmas.

The Saviour has come. REJOICE!