Mother’s Day – Presence And Presents

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Mothers’ Day will be observed and celebrated on Sunday 8th May. It is a day many welcome with joyful anticipation. Some regard the day with trepidation. Still others view the day with indifference. The mixed dispositions to Mothers’ Day are shaped by, among other things, where one is in life. Those who welcome Mothers’ Day with joyful anticipation may do so out of the hope and expectation of spending time with their mothers on the day. They look forward to honour their mothers in special ways such as with gifts, dinners, outings etc.,. There are many who, because they have lost their mothers will regard the approach of the day with trepidation. The day will be a sad reminder of the absence of their mothers. Thoughts of what used to be, feelings of regrets, lost opportunities and of what could have been will fill their hearts with pain and sorrow. Then there are those who look upon Mothers Day with cynicism and even indifference. They see this day as yet another opportunity by the business world to commercialise something that was meant to be good Their’s is basically an attitude of protest. Whatever is one’s attitude to Mothers’ Day there is value in having a designated day to honour mothers and fathers too.

Mothers’ Day gives people an opportunity to reflect deeply on their mothers. Such reflections, done in a spirit of humility, love and an awareness of human frailty have the capacity to lead to great change. Out of such reflections one may come to a greater understanding of and appreciation for their mother; not to mention deeper love. They may also open the door to addressing long-felt pain and long held anger. The result could be forgiveness, reconciliation and an experience of renewed relationships. For those who feel nothing but disgust, cynicism or indifference towards Mothers Day they could redeem the day by celebrating it in the spirit it was intended to be celebrated. They could use the day to be with their mothers. One’s presence is more often than not more appreciated than one’s presents.

However you regard Mothers’ Day please have regard for your mother. Happy Mothers’ Day to all, especially all those mothers and women who fill the role of motherhood with a heart filled and overflowing with love.



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