Pentecost 2021 Reflections

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This week the Church celebrates the Festival of Pentecost. On the day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit descended on the gathered, praying disciples, in fulfillment of God’s promise. The coming of the Holy Spirit occurred ten days after Jesus ascended to the Father. The Day of Pentecost is regarded as the birthday of the Church. This year, like last year, the celebration will be muted.

This year will make it two consecutive years that we will not be able to celebrate this significant liturgical Sunday in corporate worship.  The COVID-19 pandemic is in a dangerous and aggressive third wave which will see us in continued lockdown for some weeks and maybe beyond Pentecost. Nevertheless, I wish to urge members to use Pentecost Sunday as an opportunity to reflect on your church, its life, ministry and mission and your place in this.

The church is a mother to us. In her we are given a second birth in baptism. She nurtures our faith on word and sacrament. In times of sorrows and sadness she comforts us through the fellowship of the believers. When we face trials and tribulations she strengthens us through her various ministries.  On those occasions when life takes us to the top of the mountain she rejoices with us in the company of the faithful. The pandemic may have prevented us from having these corporate experiences for a short while, though it seems like a long time. It cannot however dull our senses to these things. In fact, the forced absence from church because of the pandemic has serve to sharpen our yearning for the day when we can assemble again as a congregation for corporate worship, fellowship and mutual support. As a child yearns for the arms of its mother so we yearn for the embrace of our church. The pandemic is an opportunity to renew our commitment to our church in light of all she does for us, gives us and means to us.

Blessed Pentecost to all and May God’s Holy Spirit dwell in you mightily.