Sharecropper Project Spring 2016 Update

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The 2015 Sharecropper Project came to a conclusion on Sunday, April 3 as Arthur Schickedanz of Galten Farms presented a cheque for $8,990 as the profit from the sale of the 241.6 tonnes of corn from the 51 acre growing project. This amount, together with the donations from St. John’s United Church, Oakville, members of the Bethesda congregation and private donations brings the total for the 2015 project to almost $39,000. This amount was forwarded to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank in Winnipeg in the name of ELCIC and will be used for the aid work of our own Canadian Lutheran World Relief.

What is so amazing about this contribution is that these funds will be matched by the Government of Canada on a basis of 4:1 so it becomes almost $200,000 in aid to provide food, improve nutrition and assist in local food growing projects where needed around the world.

Many thanks to Galten Farms, St. John’s United Church, and Faithlife Financial for being our Sharecropper partners.

Our 2016 Sharecropper Project will be a field of soybeans. The field, once again located at the southwest corner of Warden Avenue and Stouffville Sideroad, was planted in early May after a cool wet spring. We pray that God provides the rain and sunshine to keep it growing well.

For more information about our Sharecropper program and how you can participate in the 2016 project please contact us.

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