Singing A Cappella During Lent

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Bethesda will be joining with other congregations in the ELCIC to sing hymns a cappella during Lent.  Singing a cappella during Lent is a suggestion from The Hymn Society of the United States and Canada.  Among the benefits of singing a cappella are:

  • It connects us with the history of the church.  This was the way the church sang for centuries before the introduction of musical instruments.
  • It connects us with many denominations, groups, and places in the world which do not use musical instruments in worship because of theology, practice or necessity.
  • It develops the congregation’s confidence in their voices and singing without instruments.

Every Sunday during Lent we will sing the “Hymn of the Day” without the accompaniment of the organ.  The hymns of the day chosen for the Sundays in Lent are familiar so they will not be difficult to sing a cappella.  You may want to get adventurous and sing in alto, tenor or bass as you are able.

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