Then There Was The Resurrection

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The world is a good place despite of appearances to the contrary. There are good people everywhere. All around there is more goodness than would appear. Keeping this in mind helps us to maintain perspective in the midst of so much evil and bad things happening. Our experience of the ubiquity, power, and effects of evil may cause us to think that there is more evil than good in the world. Sometimes it is easy to think that evil is winning the victory over good. The truth is, this is more appearance than reality. The Resurrection event which we celebrate at Easter is God’s assurance to us that contrary to appearance, evil is not greater than good nor will evil overcome good.

On Good Friday all the forces that arrayed themselves against Jesus seemed to have won the day. The persistent and dogged efforts of the religious establishment to see the end of Jesus seemed to have succeeded in their dark deed. The political authorities of Rome and Israel colluded with the religious leaders to bring their evil plan to fruition. Pilate acted out of political expediency to preserve his political life. The adoring crowd turned into a blood thirsty mob and shouted, “Crucify him. His blood be upon our hands, and our children.” From all appearances evil seemed to have won on Good Friday.

Then came Easter. On Easter morning Jesus Christ was raised from the dead. The empty tomb and the appearance to the risen Christ to the women and the disciples put an end to the short-lived victory evil. In the resurrection God and goodness conquered the devil and evil.

0ur Easter faith is one which affirms the goodness of the world and life. God so loved the world, that is, all people and the creation itself, that God gave His only son to die for our sin and to redeem us through his sacrificial and atoning death. In the resurrection of Christ God destroyed the forces of evil. It is undeniable that evil is pervasive and powerful. Greater than these are God and God’s reign in the world in the lives of those who walk with God through faith in Jesus Christ. The risen Christ is present in the world accomplishing his work of salvation through the work of the church and the witness of Christians. Through God’s mission to the world through the church, and whatever others means God chooses, God is at work destroying the power of evil and their works. So evil will never win the day.

No one doubts that there is evil all around. There are bad things and bad people. They seem to be stronger than the forces of good. Easter reminds us that goodness is greater than evil. Living in the Easter faith we can face evil and not be overcome by its power and pervasiveness. For we know that God has won the victory over sin, death and the devil and all the evil forces of the world.