A Generous Church

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Bethesda is a small congregation by any measure. Our membership on paper does not exceed two-hundred and twenty-five.   Our active membership is about one hundred and thirty. Technically, an active member is anyone who communes at least once a year.   In any six weeks period at least one hundred and fifteen of our members would have worshipped at least once. Our annual budget averages one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars. So we are small. However, what we do for   exceeds our size.

At Bethesda we are friendly, hospitable and welcoming. There is one other thing, among others, of which we could be justly pleased. It is our generosity. We are a generous church.   Our generosity is seen in the many outreach programmes we engage in on an annual basis.   Here is a list of our outreach programmes:

  •   Markham Food Bank
  •    Yellow Brick House
  •    Sharecropper Project
  •    We Care Kits
  •    Quilting Project
  •    Gifts from the Heart

These programmes and especially all the ministries we are doing can continue only if our spirit of generosity is not only sustained but grows, especially in relationship to our offerings.

Our generosity today is the guarantee that we will continue to be here way into the future doing all the good things we are doing in service to our neighbours and to the glory of God.