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Bethesda will hold its third Every Member In Church(EMIC) Sunday service on November 23rd. This service is an occasion we hope will gather most, if not all, our members together in one service. For several and various reasons many of our members are unable to attend worship services as often as they wish. On the other hand there are those who are able and do attend worship frequently. About ninety to one hundred and ten members attend service at least once per month. EMIC Sunday is held to offer us an opportunity to experience what it feels like when as many of us as possible gather as a church family in worship.

Since its introduction at Bethesda, EMIC Sunday has been held to coincide with Christ the King Sunday. Christ the King Sunday marks the last Sunday in the church’s liturgical calendar year. The succeeding Sunday which begins the season of Advent also begins the new church year. Perhaps the configurations of all these occasions could spur members to renew commitment of their Christian discipleship and involvement in the life of the church.

We appeal to all members to make a special effort to join in this service on November 23rd.

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