Every Member In Church Sunday

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It is November. At Bethesda this means many things. In November we have our special All Saints Day service, Sharecropper Dinner and our Annual Every Member In Church(EMIC) Sunday. Our Annual EMIC Sunday will be held on November 22. The Preacher will be Rev. Doug Reble, Assistant to Bishop Michael Pryse.

What is EMIC Sunday about? As its name says it is when we hope every member of Bethesda will make a special effort to be in church so that we can all be together on this one Sunday. One might say it is Bethesda’s family re-union Sunday. Of course we try to be in church as often as we could. For various reason our members cannot be in church as often as they wish. It is our hope that EMIC Sunday would see all our members gathering for worship and fellowship. The aim of EMIC Sunday goes beyond the one Sunday.

One of the aims of EMIC Sunday is that it could act as a catalyst to nudge members who are contemplating more active participation in the church to act on their urge. Why may EMIC Sunday help in this?   Here is why. People tend to make resolutions, significant commitments or re-commitments to things at the beginning of a new year, on anniversaries of birth, wedding of other important milestones in their lives. EMIC Sunday coincides with Christ the King Sunday, which is the last Sunday on the church year. The very next Sunday is the first Sunday in Advent, which is the beginning of the new church year. So EMIC Sunday comes at the end of the church year and just before the beginning of the new church year. Therefore, it is a good opportunity and time to start over, renew, recommit one’s self to the Lord and His church.

We are encouraging all our members to make a special effort to be in church on EMIC Sunday on November 22.   Come let us celebrate our faith