Seizing Opportunities

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Auspicious moments are opportune times for reflection. Numbered among such moments are anniversaries of birth or marriage. In the case of a nation it may be anniversaries of significant events such as Independence or some defining event in its history. Of Course the beginning of a new year is especially opportune for engaging in sober reflection.

Reflection, often and necessarily, cast our sight backward. Looking back at the past year(s) is especially helpful when the experiences gained and lessons learnt are put to work to shape a better tomorrow. However, the kind of looking back that is living in the past; in its regrets, failures and unfulfilled hopes and dreams not only burdens life but prevents catching a clear vision for the new year and a brighter future.

The new year is with us, pregnant with promises, possibilities and potential for experiencing the fullness of life. This year can be a KAIROS moment for those who see it. The bible reveals to us a God who is always opening new opportunities before his people. God is the god of new beginnings, second chances and starting over.

The Exodus, the return from exile and the cross speak of God acting to open new opportunities in unexpected and surprising ways for His people. These are radical life transforming opportunities. God is still at work unfolding KAIROS moments that when discerned and seized have the power to transform lives in unbelievable way.

New beginnings and opportunities nurture hope. Invariably a new year is approached with hope stirring, rekindled or burning brightly in peoples’ hearts. As the year unfolds life will bring us many experiences; joyful and sorrowful, shocking and surprising; satisfying and disappointing. Whatever the experiences that await in this year; where hope exists strength, courage and peace will come to keep its company.

The bible begins with these words “In the beginning God….God is at the beginning of the new year. The God of eternity and time will continue to open opportunities for His people now and always. The God who is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End will be with His people throughout this year and at its end. This above anything gives us hope to face the new year with its challenges, uncertainties and opportunities.