The Fountain of Youth

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It was a youth fellowship meeting evening. I sat at the computer as they trickled in, first one, then another and then…. I made small talk with them about the freezing weather and school. Other youths arrived and the buzz of conversation increased. The excited conversations continued with words and exclamations that are understandable only to world of youth. I turned my attention back to the computer until it was time to start the meeting.

Youth fellowship activities have two main goals; one, strengthen relationships among peers in the group and two, to strengthen their relationship with the church. The activities are intentionally planned to be fun. The activity for that evening was sing-a-long and impromptu speech. The sing-along was fun, especially as I tried accompanying with the guitar. It was the impromptu speech part of the evening that surprised me. Each youth spoke for one minute on a topic of their choice. Everyone was articulate, knowledgeable and entertaining in their presentation. These seemingly shy and reserve youths are really good public speakers. We are blessed to have them in our church.

At the end of the evening everyone had fun, but none more than me. One youth asked me, “Who was the winner?” I replied, “All of us”. And I meant it. We had a good evening enjoying each other’s company and having fun. Being among youths is very energizing. Their enthusiasm, excitement, energy, curiosity and care-free, fun-loving ways bring to mind our own youthful day. It reminds us that while we cannot go back there, we do not have to lose the zest for life and living. Being with youths is, in a way, drinking from the fountain of youth. I would encourage us all to engage with our youths more. The fellowship time in the hall, social events, before worship time are some of the opportunities available to us to do this. The youths can bring much joy into our life as individuals and as a congregation.

Give thanks for our youth,

Pastor Roy